GF ampoules inspection machine

GF is committed to research and development to create cutting edge products.


GF continuously invests in research and development (R&D) and engineering excellence to provide state-of-the-art products and to improve its strategy to be a one stop producer of complete solutions in the pharmaceutical field.

Short time to market responses, synergies between Group Companies' competences and specific knowledge are distinctive GF qualities making us an international reference for the pharmaceutical industry.

GF Rotary table
GF Bag Inspection

Bag Inspection

GF has developed a New Generation of High Speed Bag Inspection machines.

They can reach up to 6.000 bags/hour thanks to an automatic loading system.

This solution is ideal to ensure that parenteral products are essentially free of foreign particles, which can affect their sterility.


New Generation Products

Each GF customer and each application may have specific demands and implications, requirements that need to be addressed with customized solutions.
The continuous research for new technologies and innovation has allowed GF to be highly responsive to specific requirements and to the industry challenges for unique packaging solutions.
Moreover, in collaboration with Coesia companies, GF has started developing and manufacturing new tailor made liquid filling & closing machines designed for the tobacco Industry, in particular for e-cigarettes.
This represents a strong potential future in the tobacco next generation products.
GF tobacco lines for new generation products are characterized by high performances, efficiency, user friendliness, and capability of treating a wide range of containers and closures.

GF tobacco filling