Injection stretch blow moulding and filling line for plastic bottles or bags

Basic Info

  • TECHNOLOGY: Parenterals Filling
  • INDUSTRY: Pharma & Healthcare
  • SEGMENT: Injectables, Other Prescription Applications

Detailed Info

Product range
Max filling volume (ml)1000
Operating modeIntermittent or Continuous
More Information
Other infoISBM technology is the modern manufacturing trend for IV solutions and irrigation products. Complete processing lines for PP bottles forming, filling, and closing starting from the raw PP granules. The polymer granules are first injection molded producing a preform, then stretch blown to form a bottle complete with the desired finish, ready for the final filling and closing operations. The ISBM lines are creating cost effective PP bottles, customizable design and shape, 100% collapsible, and that can be sterilized at 121°C. Main features are: Up to 250 pieces minute, Polypropylene bottles, wide range of container shapes and filling volume, High level of bottle transparency, Intermittent or continuous motions, Integration with various RABS systems, Statistical or 100% IPC.
Packaging features
Packaging closingPP cap, alu cap, other caps
Packaging Typebags, bottles
Product features
Product stateliquid
Max air pressure (bar)8
Production environment
Operating Noise Level (dB)75
Value proposition
Value propositionPERFORMANCE