Bag inspection machines for all tastes!

Vials, ampoules, cartridges, syringes, bottles…and what else?

Up to few years ago, worldwide, the IV bags were manually inspected. However, thanks to its deep knowledge of the vision inspection technology, GF has decided to overcome the difficulties related to the soft container itself and produce the first rotative Bag Inspection Machine. GF Bag Inspection Machines are the ideal solution to inspect single chamber bags, they fit different shapes and sizes, from 50 ml to 1000 ml, with a maximum speed of 4,500 pcs/hour (ref. 100 ml). Bags could be automatically fed in line from the upstream equipment onto the loading conveyor belt by means of robots, which orient and transfer them to the main inspection carousel, equipped with special grippers holding the containers by their top portion. It is possible also to consider a manual loading, but in this case, the related speed depends on operators’ skills. Grippers are designed to stabilize the bags during their transfer, as the main inspection carousel rotates during the spinning phases. Bags are, indeed, inspected four times for particle detection, with inverted position up-side down. Moreover, each inspection station is equipped with high-resolution cameras and cool light illumination system. After the inspection phase, the bags are automatically released either onto the good exit conveyor or the faulty bag chute, which ends with a collection bin. Cosmetic inspection for caps and ports, and high voltage leak detection system could be added to the standard configuration, on demand. GF, moreover, has been developing a linear version, too, in order to better make use of room space, as it is more compact and better fits the available and, standardly, narrow place, which is normally occupied by the operators, manually inspecting the bags. This configuration reaches a maximum speed of 3,000 pcs/hour (ref. 100 ml bag size) and is based on the same inspection principles of the above-mentioned rotative machine. To learn more, visit our Solutions:

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