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The essence of good customer care is the ability to guarantee a continuous relationship and to facilitate the transfer of knowledge and skills during all phases of machine design and start up. 

Our Service & Customer Care Department is highly attentive to all needs and requests, and the primary objective is to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of operation during the life cycle of the GF product. 

The department will be able to provide appropriate technical advice and ensure the necessary provide answers to your questions in an efficient manner, including on-site consultation.

GF Equipment Modernization

Equipment Modernization

Extend lifetime, meet new regulatory standards, improve performance and enhance functionalities of your equipment.

Next-generation cameras, new management software to increase the production capacity of the machine are just some of items we have developed to upgrade machines.

With your cooperation, we can decide where, when and how to perform upgrades.

Finding a meeting point between supply and demand will lead to an immediate benefit, providing the ability to "restore" the maximum value of the products.

Contact us and we will evaluate with you where to intervenethe best way forward, including machine substitution.

GF Upgrades & Kits

Upgrades & Kits

We are at disposal of our customers during machine lifetime and, thanks to a continuous monitoring, we enhance its performances and quality.

You can experience our specialized and professional technicians, who can help you to improve your machine performances.