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The essence of good customer care is the ability to guarantee a continuous relationship and to facilitate the transfer of knowledge and skills during all phases of machine design and start up. 

Our Service & Customer Care Department is highly attentive to all needs and requests, and the primary objective is to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of operation during the life cycle of the GF product. 

The department will be able to provide appropriate technical advice and ensure the necessary provide answers to your questions in an efficient manner, including on-site consultation.

GF Maintenance Services

Maintenance Services

Minimize your equipment downtime and protect your investment by leveraging our Maintenance Services portfolio.

GF Incident Management & Troubleshooting

Incident Management & Troubleshooting

We take care of our customers anytime they need our support.

First of all we will try to understand general status and operational conditions of the faulty machine in order to develop possible actions for improving or solving the problem out.

GF Technical Services

Technical Services

In case the issue cannot be solved out by remote assistance, our technician will be pleased to make a deeper analysis and reach your facilities with a prompt and appropriate solution.