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Quality service with a passion for the customer's satisfaction.

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The essence of good customer care is the ability to guarantee a continuous relationship and to facilitate the transfer of knowledge and skills during all phases of machine design and start up. 

Our Service & Customer Care Department is highly attentive to all needs and requests, and the primary objective is to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of operation during the life cycle of the GF product. 

The department will be able to provide appropriate technical advice and ensure the necessary provide answers to your questions in an efficient manner, including on-site consultation.

GF Parts and Materials

Parts and Materials

Keep your equipment in perfect condition with certified new or refurbished original OEM components.

GF Spare & Wear Parts

Spare & Wear Parts

The presence of several modular warehouses in our facility that handle a great amount of material allow us to reduce lead times with a constant turnover of material since critical parts are always available. Dedicated staff will be able to assist in the identification of the required component and arrange for its replacement. 

We believe that spare parts are important during the life-cycle of a machine and recommend that you create a dedicated stock of parts in order to minimize downtime. A special electronic catalog can be prepared exclusively for your product. 

This fast and interactive spare parts catalog will guide you in choosing the most critical components.